Project name:

MIGA: Early prediction of paying players and loyal to advertisement in mobile casual games using AI (ML)

Project description:

Super Mario run Service summary: MiGA analyze game events dataflow from mobile players in order to predict their behavioral segment earlier. Game server could react with player specific campaigns. As result, it improves conversion to paid players and LTV.

Target audience: Casual mobile game development companies.

Market: $69B is global mobile games revenue. $1,5-2B is global mobile game analytics market with CAGR 23%.

Technologies and approaches: Multi-tenancy cloud solution with subscription model SaaS, using Machine Learning and open source dataflow and DB management.

Readiness level: MVP & pilot with game studio.

Description: During customer in-depth research for DSW product, I discovered that many companies does not have expertise to develop their own prediction models using machine learning. Some of them asked for ready to use models. To leverage prediction model efficiency, forecast results should be integrated with automatic decision-making and regular control.

Goomba enemy from Super Mario Since, almost every mature mobile game has server backend that could tweak game performance, send push notifications or even provide campaign management to players. By integration MiGA with such backend, it is possible to close the loop: receive events from player, analyze results, predict, react, and again, receive events.

In comparison to other industries, gamedev is fast, has developers to integrate service and growing. For POC we chose small game studio in match 3 area, because it is easier to scale same prediction model.

Product challenges:

  • Ability to scale same prediction model to another company. Since game events named and structured in many ways, it is important to standardize it in order to use existing model. It might be done by mapping game events to standard model events.
  • Another challenge is low data quality and inconsistency. Some events could be lost, new events could rapidly appear.
  • Finally, very important to have dedicated data analyst with experience in casual mobile games.

Gamedev industry is very attractive, because it based on passion and joy with minimal burocracy and corruption. Mobile games is multibillion, young and fast growing business. It would require more analytical solutions in near future.