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Hi, my name is Timur. I help people do more interesting and creative tasks, by automating their routine. As head of software product, I create and develop cloud services based on Business Intelligence, Big Data and AI (Machine Learning) techs and approaches. I enjoy traveling, participating in conferences, sharing knowledge and experience. I welcome you and wish you to do what you love!
Timur Mishin

Areas of work

Product management

Develop new software products from the ground up. Rich experience in Product Discovery phase, from idea and MVP to first sales. Focus on customer research through in-depth interviews. Market and competitor analysis. Quick hypotheses validation and rapid software prototyping, using Lean approach. ROI, unit economy. Build, motivate and manage team, acting as Product Owner and Head of Product.

Business development

Develop partnerships for scaling product sales and delivery in different countries. Speak at conferences, meetups to popularize product and share experience with professional community. Prepare sales-kit, educate sales managers and make key presales. Build and improve internal business processes. Find and re-engineer bottle necks for business growth.

Some projects

mobile in-game analytics cloud service with predictive models
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  • Global market or willingness to go internationally

  • Scalable cloud service with minimal implementation and consulting

  • Business Intelligence, Big Data, AI(ML) and other analytical and data-related techs and approaches

  • Small and Medium Enterprices with sales cycle up to 3 months or B2C

  • Use Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning) techs and approaches

Team strategy icon


  • In charge for budget and business results

  • Regular trainings, conferences, work with professional community

  • Business development assistance

  • Ability to build and develop team, work with distributed teams

  • Cascade KPIs and performance bonuses for whole team

  • Flexible working hours. Ability to work outside of office or remotely

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  • E-commerce. Marketplaces, recommendations, omni-channel, sales assistance with AI (ML)

  • Internet companies and cloud providers. Data-related services services like Data Science Workspace

  • Services for entertainment industry, game development and product gamification, like Mobile in Game Analytics

  • Digital automotive industry. Smart cars, connected cars and car sharing services


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Completed projects
SaaS startups from the ground up

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