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I like to create software products that make people’s lives easier. In addition to managing products and projects, I work as a product consultant. I help companies research the market, especially customers, formulate product strategy, launch a product from an idea to first sales, minimizing risks and increasing the chances of success. My specialization is B2B SaaS cloud services with analytical tools, BigData and AI (ML). I welcome you and wish you to do what you love!
Timur Mishin

Areas of work

Product creation from the ground up

Market analysis, customer research, rapid prototyping and first sales using improved Lean methodology and Scrum iterative approach. Reduce risks and development costs while increasing the chances of success.

Process and project management

Formation and management of a cross-functional team, including remote, using the best of Scrum and PMI. Formulation and prioritization of requirements. Transparent control and reporting with Jira, Confluence, Skype or similar tools.

Customer research

Identification of problems and requirements of existing and potential customers. Formulation and prioritization of demanded functionality. Validation of value and price sensitivity. Finding product / market fit. Discovery of growth points to increase sales, LTV.

Business development

Partnerships, sales and implementation channels development, including international. Preparation of sales-kit, sales team trainings and hands-on first sales. Public speaking at conferences and communication in professional communities.

Market analysis

Global and local market research for your idea / product / industry. Determination of most valuable direction with a quantitative assessment. Identification of the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in order to find niche and choose the right positioning.

Product and company strategy development

Product strategy development using SWOT analysis, based on the results of market analysis (CAGR, TAM, SAM, SOM), analysis of competitors, customers, company top management and business-processes research. Calculation of investment attractiveness, P&L, unit-economics. Roadmap with go-to-market recommendations. Business-processes development recommendations.

Some projects

Cloud data center
mobile in-game analytics cloud service with predictive models
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